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By Pisces2427 on August 27, 2017 Verified Purchase This book was a great read. I really could relate to the trials and struggles Troy endured. I recommend this book! 

 Amazing By Angie Phillipson August 23, 2017 Is this a true story about your life Mr. Brinkley? I really enjoyed this book. I was so excited to see that it had a Happily Ever After...until I got to the last page or two... I was hoping the story progressed to the point of Troy asking her, Ja'lissa to marry him and they all become a blended family.  

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T. Bujolon, 2017 This book was wyld! Dewayne has some foul friends. He also has a good woman that he seems to be on the verge of losing. It seems like he just has to have female he deals with rather than holding Felicia down. Then she seems to be getting sneaky on the low.

Exceptionally good. J. Simson, 2017. I think this is my first time reading any of Brinkley's work and I must say that this one was so good. Once I started I couldn't put it down. I can't wait for part 2.

Great read. Liqueon, 2017 The story flowed nicely. I can’t wait to read part 2. Oh my goodness I have to know what happens next!!

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By Berk Rourke April 9, 2017

Every book I read deserves, when I start it, a five star rating. There are things which make me change my mind about that notion now and again but not in regard to this book. It is a family story of love, of perseverance, of hope, of some fear, of recovery, and so much more. I enjoyed the tale immensely and compliment the writer on making it just what he apparently meant it to be, a wonderful family story. I will not give you details because they would spoil your perspective, but I highly recommend the book. It is not for tweens though.

By Mary D. December 1, 2016

Jonas Brinkley has done it again with this latest work. It is engaging and heartfelt. Anita has experiences that a lot of women can relate to and are sometimes ashamed to admit to. The love of family and the bond they share is very prevalent in the story, showing that strong support from family is the foundation needed to survive the ups and downs and challenges of life. Mr. Brinkley, in his writing style, captures the very essence of family love and loyalty, self-confidence, and preserverance. Truly, a must read.


By Sheri...made me shed a tear. December 30, 2016

Omgosh this book was very heartfelt this is my first read of many that I have purchased from this author and I must say I loved it not many books make me shed a tear or two but this one did I loved it if you haven't read it please do

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I love this book it touches every part of me because I am a hopeless romantic I want to be with a person like Jason A man of many talents. Someone so selfless and kind something I have always longed for this truly helps me to believe I am a hopeless romantic I truly desire to be loved and needed depended on to give love️️️. Love is truly everything wonderful in life.

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By Genova Brown Rhodeson July 23, 2017

This book took me on an emotional roller coaster. How you can love someone and they are snatched from you in a blink of an eye. Also bcuz of the choices you make not only affects you but family and friends also. Great job Author J Brinkley

By Traci,  August 23, 2017

Excellent book. I was a great story but the ending left me hanging so many un answered questions about the entire family. Why did Simone get killed what happened to the money what did her sons life turn out to be.

 Kindle Customer, August 4, 2017

I forgot to be your lover. You know it's hard sometimes when your love ones are gone to the pen . You need a little help . She should have kept it 100% with him once he returned . Then this unfortunate tragedy may have been prevented. Enjoyed , 5 stars just ended too quick.