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Looking for an affordable opportunity to relax and unwind? Skip the expensive massages and facials, and curl up with one of Author Jonas Brinkley's romance novels. Through his literary works, we will have you on the edge of your seat in suspense, captivated by the characters, and engrossed in the thick of the plot. His illustrative descriptions of romance encounters will put tingles in your spine.  

Pour yourself a glass of wine or champagne, curl up in a blanket and indulge in one of Author Brinkley's books. You won't be disappointed!  

About Author Jonas Brinkley

Born in Tifton, Georgia, young Jonas Brinkley grew up with his three brothers in a fatherless home. Determined to become successful, Brinkley educated himself and developed a love for reading and writing. After studying Ministry, Theosophy, Entrepreneurship, and Social Work at the Career Institute, he began writing novels and established VOMA Publications, LLC where he publishes his own works.

His works include: 

      1. Tears of Evidence 

      2. Amorous Deja'vu 

      3. Afraid to Love You 

      4. I Forgot to Be Your Lover 

      5. Ghetto Tales of Anguish 

      6. Hold on to Your Dreams

Fostering a Love for Recreational Reading

From Author J. Brinkley

"My love for writing stems from my love for people and the desire to touch a life and make a difference. I believe that every dream can be materialized if we will just believe in ourselves. If through my words, I am able to touch one soul and ignite one passion, my job is done."     J. Brinkley